Assign Case Roles

Case based roles are assigned by Department and Dean's Analysts. Access to the case is not always automatic and may depend on the role.

Roles Assigned by Analyst
Department Analyst Dean's Analyst
  • Department Ad Hoc / Faculty Review Group Chair
  • Department Ad Hoc / Faculty Review Group Member
  • Department Designated Chair
  • Faculty Reviewer
  • Dean                                                                        

Assignments are done through the "Reviewer" tab of a case. Click "Edit Reviewers" to add reviewers to a particular role.

  1. Select the role to assign from the dropdown.
  2. Verify your ORG UNIT
  3. Selecting the users can be done through either of the following two ways.
  • Type the reviewer's name in the Reviewer field. A list of possible matches will be shown as you type. If a match is not shown, use the magifying glass to do an expanded search on the entire campus directory.
  • Select the people from the displayed table. The table has selectors to choose different classifications of faculty.