Case Routing Actions

REVIEW LEVEL 1REVIEW LEVEL 2queue/ownershipStateS Actions
Departmental Review

Case Preparation

Dept Analyst

Candidate Summary initiated

Open Case To Candidate


Candidate Summary available for Candidate Review

Approve Candidate Summary => to "Ad hoc Review initiated" or "Department Recommendation initiated"

Reject Candidate Summary => to "Candidate Summary initiated"

Ad hoc Review Dept Analyst Ad hoc Review initiated

Record Ad hoc Report / Start Candidate Review

Dept Analyst Ad hoc Report available for Candidate Review Respond To Ad hoc Review
Bypass Candidate Response to Confidential Materials
Department Recommendation

Dept Analyst Department (Recommendation | Reconsideration)initiated Record Departmental (Recommendation | Reconsideration) / Start Candidate Review
Dept Analyst Department (Recommendation | Reconsideration)available for Candidate Review Respond to Departmental (Recommendation | Reconsideration)
Bypass Candidate Response to Department (Recommendation | Reconsideration)
Dept Analyst Department Review completed Route to Dean Analyst
Dean Review Dean Recommendation Dean Analyst Dean (Recommendation | Reconsideration)initiated Record Dean (Recommendation | Reconsideration)
Dean Analyst Dean Review completed Route to Campus Review
Bypass Campus Review / Route to Dean Decision => to "Decision at Dean"
Campus Review Campus Review AP Analyst (APO Initial) Campus Review initiated

Route to BC for CAHRC Nominations
Route to BC for BC Review

CAHRC Review BC Analyst CAHRC Nominations initiated Record CAHRC Nominations / Route to APO Analyst
AP Analyst (APO Initial) CAHRC Review initiated Record CAHRC Report / Route to BC for BC Review
BC Review BC Analyst (BC Review) BC Review initiated

Record BC Minute / Route to APO Analyst

Decision Campus Decision AP Analyst (APO Final) Campus (Reconsideration) Decision initiated

Record Campus (Reconsideration) Decision / Route to Dean


Dean Decision Dean Analyst (Reconsideration) Decision at Dean Issue (Reconsideration) Decision / Route to Department
Department Notification Dept Analyst (Reconsideration) Decision at Department Close Case / Release Decision to Candidate