Glossary of Terms


A compilation of achievements and activities of academic personnel in electronic form.


A summary of the achievements and activities of a faculty member during a defined review period displayed in a standard format. For use exclusively in a review action. Replaced the need for the Annual Supplement to the Bio-Bibliography.

Career Review

A review which looks at materials since the last Career Review, not just since the last review. The types of Career Reviews are: Mid-Career Appraisal, Final Appraisal, Termination, Tenure, Promotion (to Full Professor), Advancement to Step VI and Advancement to Above-Scale Status.


A compilation of documents gathered for the purpose of a faculty review action. Sometimes referred to as a Review File or Dossier.


Acknowledgement by a candidate undergoing review that he/she has been given access to the review file at the appropriate stages of the review, as defined by APM 220-80. This is also called the Fairness Safeguard.


An individual at the department or professional school level who assists faculty and department chairs/deans in the case management process.

Faculty Proxies

Users assigned by the faculty to access and update their Achievements.


Access to APBears will be governed by roles. In addition to the faculty member role, APBears roles include department analyst, chair, dean’s analyst, dean/associate dean, APO analyst, vice provost, BC Analyst, and BC member. An individual can have more than one role, e.g. a chair who is also a faculty member.