Chair Routing Guide

Note: These steps may also be used by Departmental Reviewers.


Once a faculty member has completed entering data in the Achievements database, the Department Analyst will Start a Case. After the candidate has reviewed the materials and certified that they are complete and accurate, the Department Analyst will begin the Departmental Review. For merits, the case will be opened to the department chair for review and formulation of the departmental recommendation. For Career Reviews (e.g. Appraisals, Promotions, and Tenure), the case will be opened to the departmental ad hoc committee and then to the faculty prior to the faculty meeting. After the departmental review is complete and the candidate has been provided access to the confidential materials, the department chair will review the case in order to prepare the departmental recommendation.

For more details on the departmental routing process, you may review the Department Analyst Routing Guide.


Log in at APBears, using your CalNet ID. Upon login, you will be taken to your own Achievements page.


Once a case is created, the list of cases in your department can be seen by clicking on the “Cases” button on the top navigation bar.

You can open a case by clicking on the View link in the left-hand column. This is only available to you after the candidate has certified that the case is ready for departmental review and when the Departmental Analyst has requested your review of the case.


The case header will display the effective date of the case, review period, department(s), and a Review Progress bar. The Review Progress bar indicates the current phase of review. 


The case will open up to the Case Overview page. The tab will display case details. You will navigate to through the case tabs to review the case material. 

The Overview tab is not visible to the candidate, faculty reviewer(s), ad hoc chair, or ad hoc member(s). 


The Candidate Summary includes all the achievements and activities of the candidate during the review period. At the top is a summary of the sections where there is data. If an individual does not have enter data in a category, i.e. the Self-Statement, it will not be listed. By clicking on any of the items, it will take you to that section in the Candidate Summary. Documents provided by the candidate for inclusion in the review, such as the CV, Self-Statement, etc., can be found under the Review Documents section at the end of the Candidate Summary.


Under the Recommendation Overview tab, you will find the departmental salary recommendation and case documents such as the departmental ad hoc report (if any), the candidate’s response to the review materials, external letters, the departmental recommendation, etc. You will only see documents generated at the departmental level and not documents added subsequently by campus reviewers.


Under the Routing Log tab, there is a chronology of the actions taken, by whom, and the dates. This Routing Log will be available to you, the candidate, and the Department Analyst throughout the review process.


Once you have reviewed the file and prepared the departmental recommendation, you or the Department Analyst may upload it by going to the Documents tab and clicking add document. In the pull down menu, select Departmental Recommendation and attach the document. Before the candidate is provided access to the review file for the final Fairness Safeguard certification, you should meet with the candidate and share the departmental recommendation either orally or by providing a copy of the letter. Note that policy provides the candidate the right to obtain a copy of the letter, if requested. The candidate will be apprised of this right when they are notified that their five-day (seven calendar days) response time has started.