Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Cases answers

Will candidates be able to see their appointment cases in APBears?

No, candidates will not be able to see their appointment cases in APBears. They will not have access to APBears during the appointment process and they are not part of the review process for their appointment cases.

Can candidates see their appointment case in the archive after they are hired at UC Berkeley?

No, appointment cases will not be available for the candidates to see in the archive. Otherwise, the current rules for access to archived cases still apply. Note: the CV and publication list from initial appointments will appear in achievements section and will be viewable by candidates, should they be hired. 

Will I need to add a POI record in UCPath for every new appointment case I need to process in APBears?

Yes, every time you create a new appointment case in APBears, you will need to have a POI record in UCPath with an active end date greater than today’s date. This is true, even if the prospective candidate has an active or expired employment record. Important: In order to avoid creating duplicate identities in UCPath use the Person Organizational Summary to see if the person has or has had an employee ID at any UC location. If a person has a terminated or current record, you may still enter a POI relationship using the same employee ID as the terminated or current job. If the person has an expired POI relationship, you may update the dates or change the POI type. Please click here for more information on entering POI records in UCPath.

After creating a POI record in UCPath, when can I see the record to start an appointment case in APBears?

If the record is entered into UCPath by close of business day, the record should be available the following day in APBears.

Do I use the new appointment case function to appoint faculty who are adding a 0% appointment or changing their FTE in multiple departments?

No, these will continue to be cases processed in case tracking only. FTE is the case type for adding a secondary 0% appointment or for modifying faculty percentages across departments.

If I need to correct the effective date after a case has been submitted, do I need to delete the case?

No, please contact APO and we will manually correct the date. APO will be the only unit able to update effective dates of appointment cases once they are submitted or if a case is deferred following acceptance.

Access answers

Why can’t other titles, e.g. Professional Researchers or Librarians, use APBears?

The system is being rolled out in stages to refine the system and to first accommodate all the reviews for the faculty. Additionally, the Candidate Summary has been designed to reflect the review criteria for faculty. Candidate Summaries for other titles have yet to be developed.

I will be taking an extended vacation/leave. How can others access the case in my absence?

Ideally, each department has more than one Department Analyst designated. If not, send a request to APBears requesting the addition of another Department Analyst. If this is short term, indicate the timeframe. Include the name of the individual.

What titles have access to APBears?

Ladder-rank faculty, Adjunct Professors, Professors-in-Residence, Professor of Clinical X, Health Science Clinical Professors, Lecturer LSOEs, and Lecturer PSOEs. Here's a complete list of titles in APBears.

Can I give my Calnet logon to other people so that they can update my record?

No. Calnet is used for many other campus systems, some of which might contain sensitive data. This system is designed so that the Academic Personnel expert in your department will have access. In addition, you are able to give permission to selected individuals for data entry only using the Faculty Proxy tool. Proxies will have access only to that part of APBears which contains non-confidential information.

I am concerned about privacy. Who will have access to my information in the system?

Access to the system will be limited to those with a need to know, such as departmental staff and administrators. All access requires Calnet authorization.

My Department Chair has changed. How do I give access to him/her while a case is in progress?

You have the ability to designate the Department Chair when it is in your queue.

Achievements answers

I have hundreds of Professional Activities, i.e. Invited Talks. Can I just upload a list?

Yes. If you upload a CV which includes all your professional activities, there's no need to duplicate this information in the Professional Activities section of Achievements. 

Some of the data in Courses Taught is incorrect, i.e. % of Team Taught. How do I correct this?

Because CSIR data is considered to be an official University record, the data cannot be corrected. In the case of an incorrect percentage for team teaching for a particular course, you may enter the correct percentage in the available field. The entered value will appear in the Candidate Summary. For other incorrect information, you may use the comments field to provide an explanation. For more details, review the Courses Taught help page. 

Some of the data in Graduate Student Mentoring is incorrect or incomplete. How do I correct the entries?

Graduate Student Mentoring data is provided by the Graduate Division and considered to be an official University record, therefore, see Graduate Student Mentoring for details on how to edit records.

General answers

What case types are in APBears?

The following case types are in APBears: Five-year review, appointment, final appraisal, merit, merit to step 6, merit to Above Scale, mid-career review, promotion, reappointment, salary increase, tenure, and termination. 

Will uploaded unredacted and redacted letters and ad hoc reports be seen by the candidate?

The unredacted documents (both letters and ad hoc reports) will never be viewable by the candidate. However, the redacted versions will be viewable by the candidate upon upload so the redacted versions should not be uploaded until candidates are ready to start the candidate clock to review confidential material.

The review period for the case is wrong. How do I edit the dates? Do I need to start a new case?

A new case does not need to be created. To edit the review period dates, select "Refresh Case" under the Case Overview tab, correct the dates, and refresh the case. 

Joint Appointments answers

When a final decision is issued, our practice is to issue a separate letter from the dean. If we have this practice and the other unit does not, what does the department and candidate see?

The system is designed to show either the Vice Provost’s Final Decision letter or the Dean’s letter, if one exists. Thus, a chair not in your College will not see the Vice Provost’s Final Decision.

Can the other designated reviewers (department chairs or deans) see the letters from the other units?

Yes. Access to documents is controlled by the role one holds. Thus if someone is a department chair, they will see all of the departmental recommendations and departmental ad hoc reports.

Can there be multiple departmental recommendations or multiple dean recommendation letters?

Yes, the system allows for the upload of multiple copies of a document type.

I’m a Department Analyst and routed a case to the Dean’s Analyst before the other department made their recommendation. What should I do now?

Contact the dean’s analyst and request that the case be returned to you.

Can multiple chairs co-sign a single recommendation letter?

Yes. However, before routing to a dean’s office, there should be only one copy of the “departmental recommendation” in the system with all the signatures. The home Department Analyst should delete any earlier versions.

Who has responsibility for designating the chairs and/or deans?

The Department Analysts and Dean’s Analysts in each of the faculty member’s units designate reviewers (chairs or deans). However, it is important that Department Analysts and Dean’s Analysts pay attention to emails that are generated so that they can make designations in a timely manner and avoid the need to reroute the case multiple times.

What is the routing sequence for joint appointments?

Ideally, the designated chairs and deans review the case simultaneously and not sequentially. However, this requires that the staff have designated their reviewers before requesting their review of the case. The home Department Analyst and dean’s analyst should take responsibility for all routing actions unless arrangements have been made with the other units.

My faculty member holds a joint appointment with another college. Who “owns” the record?

When faculty are initially appointed, there is an understanding about which unit should serve as the home department. The Department Analyst in the home department has the responsibility of working with the faculty to update their achievements record and to start a case.

Promotions & Tenure answers

When starting a case in APBears for a promotion to full professor action, what should I enter for the review period?

The review period dates should include everything since the last career review. So, a promotion to full professor case would include everything since the tenure review or an appointment case if someone was appointed as an Associate Professor. However, the candidate's self-statement and the departmental recommendation should clarify what is new since the last merit review.

Review Summary answers

Why are some sections not showing up in the Candidate Summary, for example, Employment?

Make sure that "Yes" is marked next to “Include in RS?" so the record will show up in the Candidate Summary.

How does the faculty member correct data or add documents to the Candidate Summary?

All changes must be made in the Achievements Section. In order for the information to get into the Candidate Summary, the Department Analyst must refresh the case.

Why are Graduate Students not appearing in the Candidate Summary?

The Graduate Student Mentoring data is pulled from the Graduate Division database. Sometimes a student has not filed the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner and the begin date reflected in the record is later than the end of the designated review period. To ensure credit for the mentoring in the current review period, the begin date can be changed to reflect when the actual mentoring started.

The Review Period is wrong. How do I correct it?

The Department Analyst is the only one who can correct the Review Period. The case must be in the Department Analyst's queue. By clicking on Refresh Case under the Case Overview tab, any corrections can be made on the newly opened page.

The case type has changed during the departmental review. It has changed from a Mid-Career Appraisal to Tenure. How do I change this?

The Department Analyst is the only one who can correct/modify the Case Type. The case must be in the Department Analyst's queue. By clicking on Refresh Case under the Case Overview tab, any changes, such as Case Type, can be made on the newly opened page.

I created a case for a faculty member in error. How do I delete it?

Click Delete Case under the Case Overview tab. 

The chair/faculty member has decided that the case should be deferred until next year. What should I do?

Click Refresh Case under the Case Overview tab and change the effective date of the case. The case should then be refreshed after the new end date of the review period. Alternatively, the case can be deleted (click Delete Case under the Case Overview tab) and a new case started the following year. All material uploaded in the Achievements section will remain in the database and can be updated and brought into the new case. 

Why can’t I change the appearance (e.g. order, labels) of my Achievements in the Candidate Summary?

The system was designed so that all faculty have standardized Candidate Summaries. By having this standardization, all reviewers know where to look for a certain activity.

What review period should I use for career reviews?
Why am I getting an "Incomplete Review Summary" message when I start a case and all the required fields are in Achievements?
  • Mid careers: The begin date of the review period should be the hire date. However, the analysis for merit should focus on accomplishments since last review.
  • Tenure: Review dates should include the entire period as an Assistant Professor. However, the analysis for the salary recommendation should focus on accomplishments since last review.
  • Promotion to Full Professor: Review dates should include the entire period as an Associate Professor. However, the analysis for the salary recommendation should focus on accomplishments since last review.
  • Advancement to Step VIReview dates should encompass the entire period since the last threshold (e.g., an advancement to Step VI case effective July 1, 2016 with a promotion to Full Professor on July 1, 2005, would need a review period of 7/1/2004 through 6/30/2015).
  • Advancement to Above Scale: Review dates should include entire period since advancement to Step VI. However, the salary recommendation should focus on accomplishments since the last review.

Routing answers

The case has been routed beyond my unit and additional information has come in. How can I add this?

Ask that the case be returned to you in order to add the information. Alternatively, if it is just information and the case is in the Dean’s Analyst queue, the Dean may be able to incorporate the information into the dean’s recommendation.

Why aren’t my faculty getting emails?

APBears is using the campus directory. If a faculty member has not provided an email address in the campus directory, they will not receive the email. Note that only the individuals can update their directory information.

The Dean’s Analyst has asked that I upload a revised Departmental Recommendation. Do I need to route the case to the candidate again?

Yes. Candidates must always be fully informed of the contents of departmental recommendations. In most cases the changes may be minor, but to provide the Fairness Safeguards to the faculty, all changes must be communicated to the candidate.

When should I upload the departmental recommendation?

This depends on departmental practice. It can be loaded prior to starting the candidate clock and the candidate will see it. If the departmental practice is to have the chair provide an oral summary to the candidate, the actual departmental recommendation can be uploaded after the candidate clock has stopped.