Graduate Student Mentoring


Graduate student mentoring and participation on oral examination committees are important components of the teaching record. Students who have completed their degrees or who are currently being advised/mentored at Berkeley and other institutions should be listed. Assigned advising of a group of students, i.e. graduate student advisor, should be listed under University Service. You may also wish to review our Guidelines for evaluating Graduate Student Mentoring in Faculty Reviews.

Information regarding graduate student advising and service on committees is extracted from the Graduate Division database and fed directly into APBears on a daily basis. This data includes degrees completed and participation on oral exams. It will NOT include advising at other institutions, i.e. another UC campus or at the Graduate Theological Union.

To add a record, click on the link. Complete the required fields. Note that one might want to track graduate student mentoring that is ongoing and which may not yet be included in Graduate Division records. These records can be “Saved” or can be “Saved as Draft”.

Faculty are responsible for reviewing the data fed from Graduate Division and ensuring its accuracy and completeness. To review and/or edit a record on the “Existing Records” list, find the student name and click on the edit field.