Final Decision Routing Guide

Upon completion of a case, the AP Analyst will send the Vice Provost’s Final Decision letter to the Dean’s Analyst.


The Dean’s Analyst will receive an email notification that a Final Decision has been issued. Upon opening the review file, the Dean’s Analyst will have two case routing choices:

  • Send to Department
  • Return to APO Analyst

The “Return to APO Analyst” action should be used if the dean has questions about the Final Decision or if there are factual errors that need to be corrected. 

The Dean's Analyst may also request the dean review the case using the functionality available under the "Reviewers" tab. If a Dean is not on the list, contact and request that the dean be added.

When "Request Review" is selected, an email will be triggered and those Dean Reviewers who are currently listed under Reviewer tab will be notified that s/he can view the Vice Provost’s Final Decision letter. No action is required by the Dean. In those units where the Dean issues a separate decision letter, the Dean’s Analyst can upload the Dean’s-Final Decision letter. After uploading the letter, the Dean's Analyst can send the case to the Department Analyst using the routing button under the case header. This triggers an email to the Department Analyst that a Final Decision has been issued.


Upon receipt of the email from the Dean’s Analyst that a final decision has been issued, the Department Analyst has the following options:

  • Return to Dean’s Analyst
  • Notify Designated Department Chairs
  • Archive Case/Release Decision

Before taking any action, the Department Analyst should review the listed Designated Department Chairs under the “Reviewer” tab. If there has been a change in chairs or vice chairs (or an acting chair has been appointed for the summer) after the case was initially routed beyond the department, remove or add chairs as appropriate. This is necessary so that when the Department Analyst request review access to the chair, the triggered email will go to the appropriate individual(s). It is also important to make such changes in order to remove access to the file to those who no longer have a role and a business need to access the file. 
Note: The system is currently designed to provide access to anyone listed as Designated Department Chair both from Cases in Progress and Case Archive.

Selecting “Request Review” triggers an email to the chair(s) that a final decision has been issued. The chair can then log in and review the final decision letter.

“Return to Dean’s Analyst” is available for when there is a need to revise content of a Final Decision letter. It is not to be used for Reconsiderations. If there is a need to seek a reconsideration, a different process must be followed, but only after the case has been archived.

Note that the Best Practice is for the Department Chair to communicate the decision to the Candidate orally prior to the Department Analyst archiving the case.

Using the routing button "Archive Case/Release Decision" archives the case and the final decision becomes viewable to the candidate. This will also close the file and move it from the “Cases in Progress” tab to the “Case Archive” tab.

At this point, the candidate, Department Analyst, and Designated Department Chairs will see only those documents generated at the departmental level (except for the Chair’s Personal letter, if any) and the Final Decision letter. If the Dean has issued a separate Final Decision letter, the Vice Provost’s Final Decision letter will not be visible at the departmental level.