Teaching Eval Cal Message

Date: Feb 25 2009 10:05:05 AM

Sender: Sheldon Zedeck, Vice Provost - Academic Affairs & Faculty Welfare (Campus-wide)
To: Deans, Department Chairs

Subject: Faculty Reviews-Revised

This supersedes the campus administrative memo dated February 12, 2009.

In response to the current budget situation, the administration is looking at ways to reduce staff efforts in connection with faculty reviews, without impacting the integrity of the reviews. Currently, for all classes with 10 or more students, we require that all review files contain a summary of student comments and a sample evaluation form, and for classes with fewer than 10 students enrolled, we require the submission of the actual evaluations. To respond to the first requirement, many departments transcribe the individual student comments from the teaching evaluations, a time-consuming task. Effective immediately, for both types of class situations, you will not be required to include student comments, sample evaluations, and the actual evaluations for courses enrolling fewer than 10 students. Reviewers will rely exclusively on the chair's analysis, together with a summary of instructor-effectiveness and course-worth ratings for both the faculty member under review and for other courses in the unit. However, when end-of-course numerical evaluations fall significantly below departmental averages, chairs should offer an exhaustive analysis in these cases. Campus level reviewers will reserve the right to request photocopies of actual evaluations when it is believed they are necessary to reach an informed judgment.

Please note that these changes will not apply to reviews of individuals in Unit 18. Reviews should continue to be conducted in accordance with the Unit 18 Merit Guidelines available at http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/NSFMeritGuidelines.htm.

It is hoped that this change of requirements will allow departments some immediate relief from the need to transcribe the student comments for 2008-09 courses. We also urge chairs and deans to review their own documentation requirements, which may go beyond campus requirements, and to eliminate those that are not value added, especially for normal merits.

Questions can be directed to the Academic Personnel Office.

Sheldon Zedeck 
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Faculty Welfare